• Experienced Physician Assistant - Amitha Omonuwa

  • Posted on October 18, 2018
  • Amitha Omonuwa

    Becoming a medical professional takes dedication and persistence. Between the costs of the education combined with the time that is required, one must be incredibly sure that it is the field they want to pursue. When Amitha Omonuwa was young, he knew he wanted to help people and wanted to be able to begin in his field sooner rather than later which is what helped him to decide to pursue a career as a physician assistant. As a physician assistant, he was able to begin helping people much sooner and without as much student loan debt. He was also able to start giving back to communities all that much faster. Amitha Omonuwa is now a certified physician assistant who has earned over 8 years of experience in the vascular and endovascular surgical field. With these skills, he is also able to assistant in the management of vein disorders. This management would include the managing of spider and varicose veins disorders.

    Amitha Omonuwa was born and raised in Nigeria. His parents were both medical doctors. From this, he was able to see what it looked like to live a life that benefited others and it was under their servant hearted example that Amitha Omonuwa developed a passion for serving the underserved. With this came a desire to give back to the local community whenever possible. Being a physician assistant has helped him to achieve his goal of having a career that helps people and allows him to give back to the communities he chooses to give back to.

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